Tzolkin / Cultilink Overview
We are a Mexican-German corporation, founded in 1998.
Featuring a selected offer of services for presentation, conception development, strategy and campaign planning.
With eccentric products for modern traditions, to be developed with people who live with or in the respective tradition.
We wish to open new dimensions through innovations that include tradition and modernity as well as knowledge of other cultures.
Our staff of collaborators and free lance workers is characterized by the "interest in others", spirit of enterprise and courage, open to unconventional solutions, always being aware of reality. For us, globalization means an opportunity to learn through knowledge and to experience and exchange of know-how.
We are competent in combining talent and abilities, creativity and systematic. We provide our customers and participants with success experiences and perspectives, foster that they form personal opinions and make solid decisions, which contribute to creativity and the ability to find solutions.

Tzolkin México S. de R.L. de C.V.
Apartado Postal 20-346,
Col. San Angel
C.P. 01001, México Ciudad
Tel.: (0052) 5 635 08 04
Fax (0052) 5 635 72 47
Director: José Pelayo
Gruber Cultilink GmbH
Inselstr. 8A
10179 Berlin, Germany